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What is a IMPACT Cooperative Diagnostic Services Ltd.?

The IMPACT Cooperative Diagnostic Services Ltd., set up by the CoopIndex and Open Index teams, is a society of co-operative practioners, co-op developers, academics, and researchers whose goal is to improve the workplaces, support workplace democracy, and promote work environments built on ethical values. Our Community focuses on interchanging the experience and expertise. We develop good practices in our organisations through common analysis and problem solving, as well as building a shared knowledge base. We reinforce elements of organisational practices that improve the workplace life of employees. Our Community enables all its participants to share their knowledge and experience.

Linking these various perspectives gives an opportunity to solve organizational problems quickly and effectively, ensuring that our work is closely connected to practice. Aiming to increase the number of workers who fully participate in their organization's life, we especially focus on the first and very important stage of the whole process- the organizational diagnosis. We examine the organizations and share comments and remarks about the CoopIndex tool and the process of diagnosis. We also share the ideas how to effectively use the results to improve organisation's functioning.

What can I gain by joining IMPACT?

Joining our Community: gives you you access to the up-to-date data about managing an organization provides you with numerous clues on how to manage an organization to make all the employees satisfied with their jobs enables regular consultations with other practitioners enables sharing experiences gives you additional information about the CoopIndex tool and many ideas about how to use its results

How to join?

To join to the IMPACT Cooperative Diagnostic Services Ltd., please contact us.